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Walkies of Headington



About Walkies of Headington, Oxford

Walkies is a friendly and reliable dog walking service for East Oxford and the surrounding villages.

What do we do?

We walk five days a week, rain, shine, in sleet and snow, to give your dogs the regular exercise and company they need to keep mentally and physically well.

We cover the East Oxford area including Headington, Marston, Cowley,

If you live outside the area, please contact us as we may be able to help you.

Why would you need to use a dog walker?

When we first set eyes on that gorgeous fluffy puppy who's just too cute to resist, we have the best intentions to be out day and night exercising our new best friend.

Then work gets busy, you can't get home at lunch time to walk the dog, or late nights in the office mean your dog is sat home alone.

Before you know it your dog is developing undesirable behaviours, like barking and chewing. Before this happens you will need a reliable and trustworthy dog walker.

Knowing that your dog will be going out, socialising with other dogs in parks and open areas around Oxford, having lots of fun and exercise will give you peace of mind, and keep your dog happy and healthy.

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Walkies Aims

Walkies has two main aims:

  • To always provide a consistent and reliable dog walking service for you, giving your dog all the fun, exercise and socialisation they would love to have all day every day if they could.

  • Whilst your dog is with us, Walkies promise to give your dog the same love and attention that we give our own, and will build relationships with them that are loving and caring.


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